Dark Magic v0.16.0 + Code Mod [F.Lord] Adult Android & PC Game

Dark Magic mod v0.16.0, Dark Magic Lewd Game by F.Lord is about you grew up in an ordinary family with an ordinary life, except for the fact, you’re the only man alive in the world! Even though you’ve been living in the Kingdom with many attractive girls, you haven’t actually interacted with any of them.

Then everything changed when you met The Red Witch.
The one who will teach you about the magic power.
The one who will pull you into the world of Dark Magic mod.

All girls in the Kingdom are awaiting for you to meet them.
Now it’s your chance to corrupt them all!

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“This Dark Magic game is huge, hard, and really long, so please take your time playing and enjoy!”

Updated: 2022-09-26
Release Date: 2022-09-26
Update Interval: 1 Month
Developer: F.Lord Patreon – SubscribeStar – Discord
Censored: No
Version: v0.16.0
OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Big tits, Fantasy, Harem, Incest, Male protagonist, Masturbation, Milf, Mobile game, Monster girl, Pov, Romance


– Extract to the desired location.
– Click on “DarkMagic.exe” to start playing.


Fixed: The click indicator icon didn’t appear in replaying mode.
fixed videos with a Windows activation watermark in them.
Updated Airi sleepover handjob videos
Updated Airi Room quickie videos
Updated some of Airi and Momoko’s memory image icons.
Updated Peek Momoko at Night and New Handjob Animations
Updated Peek Airi at Night and New Boobjob Animations
Updated Airi’s room service: blowjob and new animations
Updated scenes and quest sequences
If you wake Momoko up too early, she’ll become upset.
The Book of Memory is now available everywhere.
Added 205 new render images.
Added 36 new animation videos.
Added a frame when you give water to Airi at the castle front.
Added the option to make Airi lactate when sleeping over.
Added Airi Morning Quickie and Night Quickie
Added Airi’s naked image.
Added Momoko’s room services
added a new threesome scene with Airi and Momoko.
I added three new memories to Momoko’s memory page.
I added four new memories to Airi’s memory page.
added 1 new memory to Taka’s memory page.

Code Menu

myname (your new name) Ex: myname F.Lord => Change your name.
addmoney (amount) Ex: addmoney 1000 => Add your money.
resetmana # Set Mana amount to 100%
nextday => Increase day.
maxall => Max your state not the character’s corruption.
Use it without ‘-‘ in the “Code” menu.

Images / Gameplay Screenshot
dark magic game renpy port

Starting a new game is recommended

Download For Android
Download For Android + MOD v0.15.5 (old ver)
Download For Win/Lin
Cheat + Unlocker Mod

DarkMagic Walkthrough PDF

*For v0.15.0
*• Features:

– Unlocked Book Of Memory
– Unlocked Book Of Lovers
– Max Mana
– Max Strength, Knowledge, Magic Skill
– Skip Day
– Set Time
– Add Money 99999999
– All Characters Corruption Cheats
– Rename MC
– For More Watch Image

100% Complete Save file

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